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Oct 19, 2013

Shawn Holt and The Teardrops (Daddy Told Me); Blues Point (Three Glasses Of Whiskey); Rev. Ferriday and The Longdogs (Comin' In); Shakey Jake (Worried Blues); Big Walter 'Shakey' Horton (Tell Me Baby); Eddie Taylor (Sittin' Here Thinkin'); Speckled Red (What Makes You Treat Me So Mean?); Cripple Clarence Lofton (Monkey Man Blues); Clair Le Brocq and The Bordellos (Slow Down); Billy Thompson (Got To Be Did); Moreland and Arbuckle (The Devil And Me); Lane Hardin (Cartey Blues); Furry Lewis (Big Chief Blues); Wes Mackey (Lines (Remix)); Johnny Heartsman (Paint My Mailbox Blue); The Holmes Brothers (Lickety Split).