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Apr 18, 2015

Joe Lewis Band (Stuck On Stupid); Hambone Wilson (Run To The River); Delta Moon (Down In The Flood); Kellie Rucker (Blues Is Blues); Hans Theessink and Terry Evans (Delta Time); Johnny Shines (Delta Pine); Carey and Lurrie Bell (When I Get Drunk); Phil Wiggins and The Chesapeake Sheiks (Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me); Mississippi John Hurt (Avalon Blues); Dan Treanor's Afrosippi Band (Ernestine); Joe Evans and Arthur McClain (Shook It This Morning); Barbecue Bob (She Shook Her Gin); Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women (T'ain't Nobody's Business); Rory Block (Maggie Campbell); Poplar Jake and The Electronic Delta Review (Big Road Blues); Larry Griffith (Blues Is Callin' My Name).