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Dec 19, 2015

Shaun Murphy (Loretta); Nappy Brown (I'm Walking Out On You); Kai Strauss (I'm Leaving You); Original Legends Of The Blues (Edumacation); Monette Moore (Please Mr. Blues); Helen Proctor (Someone Outside Is Taking Your Mind Off Me); Phillip Walker (I Met The Blues In Person); Tom Harpell and Rick Anglin (Reap What You Sow); Johnny Nicholas and The Texas All-Stars (Reap What You Sow); Albert Castiglia (Ghosts Of Mississippi); Mississippi Fred McDowell (Death Came In); John-Alex Mason (Shake 'Em On Down); Gary Primich with Omar Dykes (School Of Hard Knocks); The Mighty BossCats (Cigar Box Blues); Duncan Street (Come To Mississippi).