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May 7, 2016

Kate Lush (When You Pray (Move Your Feet)); Sean Costello (I've Got To Ride); Sugar Blue (Mercedes Blues); Robert Burton Hubele and Brad Steckel (She Won't Talk To Me); James Boogaloo Bolden Blues Band (Don't Talk To Me); Koko Taylor (Please Don't Dog Me); Dan Pickett (Chicago Blues); Smoky Babe (Chicago Bound); Harper and Midwest Kind (Hey What You Say); Emanuele Fizzotti (Hey Baby); Speckled Red (House Dance Blues); Blind Leroy Garnett (Chain 'Em Down); Kenny Neal (Bad Check); Watermelon Slim and The Workers (Check Writing Woman); Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (Leftover Blues); Moreland and Arbuckle (Mean And Evil).