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Aug 20, 2016

David "Honeyboy" Edwards (Ride With Me Tonight); Daniel De Vita (Red Headed Woman); Shakedown Tim and The Rhythm Revue (Red Hair); Blind Blake (Bootleg Rum Dum Blues); The Vaudevillian (Bootlegger's Blues); Rose City Kings (Working Girl Blues); Cephas and Wiggins (Last Fair Deal Gone Down); Tony McPhee (If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day); Lew Jetton and 61 South (Mississippi Rain); Tim Jones (After The Rain); Terry Hanck Band (Cupid Must Be Stupid); Cedar Creek Sheik (Buy It From The Poultry Man); Stovepipe No. 1 and David Crockett (A Chicken Can Waltz The Gravy Around); Mighty Sam McClain (Time And Change); Kat Riggins (Murphy's Law).