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Dec 15, 2018

Terry 'Big T' Williams and Wesley 'Junebug' Jefferson (Incarcerated Blues); R.J. Mischo (Gimmie Some); Rick Estrin and The Nightcats (Living Hand To Mouth); Aaron Curtis (Another Name For The Blues); Fiona Boyes (Call Their Name); Walter Hawkins (Voice Throwin' Blues); Casey Bill Weldon (I Believe I'll Make A Change); Duster Bennett (Times Like These); Kid Andersen (Jumping At Shadows); Joey Gilmore (Cheaper To Keep Her); Lowell Fulson (I'm Tough); Jimmy McCracklin (Get Tough); Magda Piskorczyk and Slidin' Slim (Brand New Face); Nico Wayne Toussaint (High Class In Disguise); John-Alex Mason (Riding On).