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Dec 29, 2018

Adrianna Marie and Her Groovecutters (Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby); Michael Messer's Mitra (Anyway The Wind Blows); Muddy Gurdy (Shake 'Em On Down); Slide Tracked (I See Trouble Everywhere); Old Riley and The Water (Blues Walking); Mike Sponza (Blues For The Sixties); Jesse James (Southern Casey Jones); Mississipi John Hurt (Casey Jones); Furry Lewis (Good Morning Judge); Mary Flower (Pony Blues); Charley Patton (Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues); Kevin Burt (Day Day); Gary Brooker and Andy Fairweather-Low (Baby Lee); Wesley Wallace (Fanny Lee Blues); Dicky James and The Blue Flames (A Real Good Blues).