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Mar 20, 2021

Dennis Binder (She's Somethin' Else); Greg Copeland and Steve 'Guitar' Gilles (Sinner's Prayer); Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones (Long Distance Call); Lonnie Mack (Honky Tonk Man); Pat Fulgoni (Think Twice Before You Go); Vance Kelly (Dog On A Chain); Katherine Adkins (Individual Blues); Bertha Ross (My Jelly Blues); Lady D (Somebody's Gotta Move); Memphis Minnie (Dragging My Heart Around); Big Joe Williams (Bad Heart Blues); Big Time Sarah and BTS Express (Evil Gal Blues); Reverend Freakchild (It's Gonna Be Alright); John Primer and The Teardrops (Gambler's Blues); Dan Treanor's Afrosippi Band (Can You Hear Me).