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Feb 5, 2022

Willie Cobbs (Feeling Good); Twangtown Paramours (That's What The Blues Are For); Frenchie Moe (Way Down In Hustleville); Robert Pete Williams (Louise); Mable John (You're Taking Up Another Man's Place); Little Willie John (Person To Person); Jimmy Johnson (The Things That I Used To Do); Willie Gillard (Polk County Blues); Bo Weavil Jackson (Jefferson County Blues); Joanne Broh (Ain't Doing Too Bad); Paul Orta With Lazy Lester (Wasted Days And Wasted Nights); Wilson Jones (When I First Get Ready For The War); Ellis Evans and Jimmy Lewis (When I Leave You Baby); Fred McDowell, Fanny Davis and Miles Pratcher (I'm Going Down That Gravel Bottom); Robert Cray (Back Door Slam); Blues Counsel (Final Say).