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Jun 25, 2022

John Németh (Blues Hit Big Town); Louisiana Red (Train Station Blues); Robert Billard And The Cold Calls (Waiting For The Land To Dry); Janiva Magness (I'm Still Here); Little Sammy Davis (I Ain't Lyin'); Johnny "Yard Dog" Jones (Ain't Gonna Worry No More); Chris O (You Mine); Tina Bednoff And The Cocktailers (Since You Came Along); Lil Ed Williams And Willie Kent (Newspaper Blues); Papa Egg Shell (I'm Goin' Up The Country - Part 1); Troy Ferguson (Mama, You Gotta Get It Fixed); Graná Louise (Learning How To Cheat On You); Stefano Ronchi (Everythin I Know About The Blues); Philipp Fankhauser (Horse Of A Different Color); Kat Riggins (Cross The Line); Ronny Aagren (Treat Me Like A Dog).