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Aug 6, 2022

Al Lerman (Kokomo); Derrick Procell (Who'll Be The Next In Line); Corey Dennison Band (Shame On Me); Breezy Rodio (Lightning Strike); Demetria Taylor (Blues Early This Morning); Junior Parker (Fussin' And Fightin' Blues); Lenna And The Snakemen (Eye For The Loser); Sugar Harp (My Truck My Dog My Wife); Mick Kolassa (Hard Hearted Woman); Washboard Walter (Overall Cheater Blues); Walter Taylor acc. by Washboard Trio (Thirty-Eight And Plus); Kirk Fletcher (Wrapped Up, Tangled Up In The Blues); Roxy Perry (Tailgate Swing); Sonny Rhodes (Born To Be Blue); Muddy Waters (Still A Fool); Chris Antonik (Back To The Good).