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Jun 1, 2024

Big Dave McLean (Young Fashioned Ways); Matt "Guitar" Murphy (Gonna Be Some Changes Made); The James Cotton Band (Blow Wind Blow); Nick Schnebelen (Bad Woman Blues); Smooth Hound Smith (Stopgap Woman Blues); Frank Edwards (Three Women Blues); James "Son" Thomas (Four Women Blues); Leonard "Lowdown" Brown (Blues Make Me Feel Good); Patricia Manion (Blues 365); Nino Grandi Band (Bad River Blues); Silas Hogan (Sittin' Here Wondering); Peppermint Harris (You Got Me Wondering); John Mayall (Have You Heard); Sven Zetterberg (Crosstown Blues); Snooky Pryor (In This Mess); Zacharie Defaut Trio (I've Got The Blues).