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Feb 19, 2011

The Untouchables (You Don't Love Me); Lynwood Slim and The Igor Prado Band (My Hat's On The Side Of My Head); Big Joe Turner (Shake It And Break It); Texas Alexander (Section Gang Blues); Kokomo Arnold (Chain Gang Blues); .44 Pistol (Salvation); Patrick Sassone (Still Got The Fire); Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater (Came Up The Hard Way); Blind Lemon Jefferson (Wartime Blues); John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson (War Time Blues); R.L. Burnside (Come On In); T-Model Ford (Bad Man); Eric Bibb (New Beale Street Blues); The Beale Street Sheiks (Jazzin' The Blues); Jenny Bohman (The Party Is Over); J.B. Hutto (Combination Boogie).