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Aug 27, 2011

Blue Bishops (Words Left Unsaid); Freddie King (She's A Burglar); Guitar Shorty (I Want To Report A Crime); Dennis 'Little Hat' Jones (Hurry Blues); Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes (Hurry, Hurry, Hurry); Cinque (You're So Fine (Miss Mary)); Rich Del Grosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson (Time Slips On By); The Motives feat. Matt Taylor (Leap Of Faith); Rory Block (Dry Spell Blues); Armadillo Blues (Preaching Blues); Jimmy Cotton (There Must Be A Panic On); Moneymaker (The Blues Is My Business); Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley (Standing At The Judgement); Skip James (Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader); Andres Roots Roundabout (Lightnin' On Horizon).