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Jun 9, 2012

JW-Jones (I'm Tryin'); Lisa Biales (Blues Stay Away From Me); E.G. Kight (I'm Happy With The One I Got Now); Tom Principato (Never Make Your Move Too Soon); Blind Lemon Jefferson (That Crawlin' Baby Blues); Tommy McClennan (My Baby's Doggin' Me); Stacy Jones Band (Waitin' On Love); Jimmy Johnson (You Don't Know What Love Is); Son Seals (Buzzard Luck); Ori Naftali (Devil Red Blues); PJ O'Brien (Winning Hand); Hat Fitz & Cara (Eliza Blue); Tom Doughty (Something Ain't Right); Billy Boy Arnold (Cell No. 13 Blues); Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson (Just A Dream); Otis Spann (Someday).