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Jun 16, 2012

Chris Watson Band (Pleasure And Pain); Simon McBride (Rich Man Falling); Joe Bonamassa (Woke Up Dreaming); Rob Berry (Nothing For You); Albert Bashor (Tater Diggin' Woman); Pete Harris (Is You Mad At Me); Black Ace (You Gonna Need My Help Some Day); Tommy McCoy (My Guitar Won't Play Nothin' But The Blues); Jeff Menteer (Back Again); Dick Farrelly & Mat Walklate (Black Cat Bone); Big George Brock (Down South); Rory Block (I Am The Light Of This World); Reverend Gary Davis (Samson & Delilah); Muddy Waters (Crawlin' Kingsnake); John Lee Hooker (Ground Hog Blues); The Motives feat. Matt Taylor (If You Were Gone).