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Jul 7, 2012

Eddie Martin And His Big Blues Band (Tough Times); Curtis Salgado (Woman Or The Blues); Rick Estrin & The Nightcats ((I Met Her On The) Blues Cruise); Wildcat O'Halloran Band (Come In My Kitchen); Frank Blackfield (The Blues Ain't For The Lucky); Albert Castiglia (Parchman Farm); Tim 'Too Slim' Langford (Long Tail Black Cat); Debbie Davies (I'll Feel Much Better When You Cry); Josh White (Did You Read That Letter?); Sister Rosetta Tharpe (The Devil Has Thrown Him Down); Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie (Fear); Dukesy & The Hazzards (I Get Up); Charley Patton (Banty Rooster Blues); Big Joe Williams & J.D. Short (Mean Stepfather); John Pippus (Hard Headed Woman).