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Feb 16, 2013

Dan Burnett Band (Hungover Again); Deborah Coleman (Happy When You're Unhappy); Clare Free (Scars); Roscoe Chenier (Tell Me How Long); Precious Bryant (Black Rat Swing); Travelin' Blues (Lonesome); Johnnie Bassett (Motor City Blues); Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler) (Devil And My Brown Blues); Ernest Rogers (Baby Low Down, Oh Oh Low Down Dirty Dog); Shaun Murphy (Come To Mama); Mark 'Pocket' Goldberg (Down Home Woman); Doug MacLeod (St. Elmo's Room And Pool); Hot Tin Roof (Early 20s); 4 Jacks (I Don't Want To Be President); Corey Harris (Maggie Walker Blues); Johnny Wright (Johnny's Bad Air Boogie).