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Jun 29, 2013

Billy Boy Arnold (When I Get To Thinkin'); Lonnie Brooks (Don't Take Advantage Of Me); Wayne Baker Brooks (Changeling); Wilson Jones (Stavin' Chain); Big Joe Williams and J.D. Short (You Got To Help Me Some); Sena Ehrhardt (Cold Cold Feeling); Fran McGillivray Band (Last Fair Deal); Rory Block (Kind Hearted Woman Blues); Allison Burnside Express (Going Down); Dudley Taft (Palace Of The King); Homesick James (My Baby's Gone); Little Mac (Woman, Help Me); Bobby "Blue" Bland (That's The Way Love Is); Bobby "Blue" Bland (Turn On Your Love Light); John Lee (Blinds Blues); Pee Wee Hughes (Santa Fe Blues); Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley (Big Show).