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Mar 14, 2009

Tommy Castro Band (Take Me Off The Road); Sonny Landreth (Howlin' Moon); Cephas and Wiggins (Mamie); Hop Wilson and His Buddies (My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone (Take 2)); Big Joe Williams and J.D. Short (Going Back To Crawford, Miss.); Guy Davis (Goin' Back To Silver Spring); Kokomo Arnold (Milk Cow Blues); Clifford Gibson (Tired of Being Mistreated Pt. 1); Son Seals (I Can't Hear Nothing But The Blues); Lightnin' Hopkins (That Mean Old Twister); Baby Boy Warren (Sanafee (Not Welcome Anymore)); Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Strange Things Happening Every Day); Fred McDowell (When I Lay My Burden Down); Roxy Perry (In My Sweet Time); Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater (A Good Leavin' Alone).