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Mar 15, 2014

Dan Treanor's Afrosippi Band (Tell Me Daddy); John Hammond (Drop Down Mama); Big Joe Williams (Good Morning Little Schoolgirl); Dave Riley and Bob Corritore (No Cussin’); Blind Joe Taggart (Waded In The Water Trying To Get Home); Rev. Edward W. Clayborn (Where Shall I Be When The First Trumpet Sounds?); The Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra (Handcuffed To The Blues); Albert Castiglia (Keep You Around Too Long); Debbie Bond and The TruDats (Steady Rolling Man); Jo Ann Kelly (Back Water Blues); The Smoke Wagon Blues Band (Hen House Hopping); Brandon Isaak (Dead Ass Fool); Robert Pete Williams (Poor Bob's Blues); Steve Groves (Hydro Blues); J.B. Hutto and The Hawks (The Same Mistake Twice).