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Apr 4, 2015

Slam Allen (The Blues Is Back); Joe Bonamassa (I Can't Be Satisfied); Muddy Waters (The Stuff You Gotta Watch); Gertrude Dwyer (Six Feet Of Papa); Sister Rosetta Tharpe (I Want A Tall Skinny Papa); Norton Buffalo and The Knockouts (King Of The Highway); Jimmy Reed (You Got Me Dizzy); Laura Holland Band (The One And Only Jimmy Reed); Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble (Dirty Pool); Alfred "Blues King" Harris (Miss Darlene); Walter Hawkins (How Come Mama Blues); Eliana Cargnelutti (Street Corner Talking); Danielle Nicole (Didn't Do You No Good); Katie Webster (A Little Meat On The Side); Eight O'Five Jive (Too Many Men); John Spear Band (The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese).