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Jan 2, 2016

Tim Williams (Anywhere C/O The Blues); Nick Holt (If It's Too Late); Shawn Holt and The Teardrops (Before You Accuse Me); James Wiggins (Frisco Bound); Blind Leroy Garnett (Louisiana Glide); Lowell Fulson (Think Twice Before You Speak); Katie Webster (Too Much Sugar For A Dime); Dan Treanor's Afrosippi Band (Knocked Out); Jimmie Gordon (Lookin' For The Blues); Bill Gaither (Stony Lonesome Graveyard); Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes (I'd Rather Be The Devil); Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan (Thou Art With Me); Rod Cook and Toast (Blues Got A Hold On Me); R.L. Burnside (Too Many Ups); Ben Prestage (See What My Buddy Done); Sunnyland Slim, Honeyboy Edwards, Kansas City Red, Big Walter Horton and Floyd Jones (I'm Going Back Home).