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Aug 13, 2016

Kevin Selfe (Fixed It Til It's Broke); Freddie King (Worried Life Blues); Tab Benoit (Me And My Guitar); Eddie Turner (Blues Fall Down Like Rain); Mississippi Matilda (A and V Blues); Sonny Boy Nelson (Long Tall Woman); Hop Wilson and His Buddies (A Good Woman Is Hard To Find); Steve Summers Band (Black Cat Bone); Deb Callahan (Slow As Molasses, Sweet As Honey); Jerron Paxton (Trying To Make One Hundred); Dom Flemons (My Money Never Runs Out); Bill Johnson (Angry Guitar); Dan Bubien (Memphis Murder Blues); T-Bone Walker (Long Skirt Baby Blues); Room Full Of Blues (Dressed Up To Get Messed Up (live)); Richard "Rip Lee" Pryor (Shake Your Boogie).