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May 20, 2017

Selwyn Birchwood (My Whiskey Loves My Ex); Hubert Sumlin (She's Into Something); Roomful Of Blues (I Know Your Wig Is Gone); The Alex Dixon Band (Down In The Bottom); Eddie Burns (Making A Fool Out Of Me); Sylvester Cotton (Pay Day Blues); Micki Free (Six Feet Down In The Blues); Karen Lovely (Waking Up The Dead); Lurrie Bell and Carlos Johnson (Damn Right, I've Got The Blues); Buddy Guy (I Suffer With The Blues); Earl Thomas (Burying Ground); St. Louis Red Mike Bailey (Hell Ain't But A Mile And A Quarter); Vintage#18 (Just Got Back From Baby's); Willard Ramblin' Thomas (Hard Dallas Blues); Oscar Woods (Fence Breakin' Blues); Kai Strauss (Gotta Let You Go).