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Jun 10, 2017

Bruce "Mississippi" Johnson (I Can't Shake The Blues); Slim Harpo (Don't Start Cryin' Now); Moreland and Arbuckle (I'm A King Bee); Blues Boy Willie (Fishing Trip); The Delgado Brothers (If I Don't Get Home); Gina Sicilia (Heaven); Eddie Taylor (Three O'Clock In The Morning); Magic Slim (Don't Look Now I've Got The Blues); Magic Slim and The Teardrops (Think); Cannon's Jug Stompers (Money Never Runs Out); Memphis Jug Band (You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back); Mojo Blues Band (Please, Mr. Jailer); Chris O (Workin' The Cottonfields); Andy T Band (Doin' Hard Time); Potliquor (Levee Blues).