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Jun 30, 2018

Eddie Taylor (I Do Know Right From Wrong); Dan Bubien (Memphis Murder Blues); Joyann Parker (Memphis); Papa Charlie Jackson (Baby Please Loan Me Your Heart); Lil' Son Jackson (Aching Heart); Bob Corritore (Don't Let The Devil Ride); Smoky Babe (I'm Goin' Home On The Morning Train); The Blues Band (Get Right Church); Big Joe Shelton (The Older I Get The Better I Was); Ernie Southern (Ain't Goin' Bald Just Gettin' Mo' Head); Paul Filipowicz (Brand New Hat); Harmonica Fats (My Baby Didn't Come Home); John Brim (I Would Hate To See You Go); Henry Thomas (Little Red Caboose); Dom Flemons (Texas Easy Street); The Andy Poxon Band (Quitters Never Lose).