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Jan 19, 2019

Sam Lewis (When Come the Morning); Benny Turner and Cash McCall (It's A Man Down There); Seth Rosenbloom (Look Over Yonders Wall); Mercy Dee (Evil And Hanky); Mac Willis (Howling Woman); Chris O'Leary (What The Devil Made Me Do); Willa Vincitore (Just Ain't The Same); Alvin Jett and The Phat Noiz Blues Band (Ain't Been The Same); Rory Block (Gonna Be Some Walkin' Done); Lovey Williams (Train I Ride); Lauren Mitchell (Lead Me On); John Campbell (Going To Dallas); Frank Blackfield (Dallas); Junior Wells (Trouble No More); Little Charlie and The Nightcats (You Got Your Hooks In Me); Blues Boy Willie (The Worse Blues We've Ever Had).