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Feb 9, 2019

Tiny Legs Tim (Elsewhere Bound); Cephas and Wiggins (I Did Do Right); Joe Filisko and Eric Noden (Anxious Blues); Charlie Sayles and The Blues Disciples (New Day Coming); Tracy K (What Tomorrow Brings); Dixie Peach (Trouble With Love); Bert Mays (You Can't Come In); Freddie "Redd" Nicholson (You Gonna Miss Me Blues); Paul Nelson (Color It Blue); Bumble Bee Slim (Lonesome Trail Blues); Frank Stokes (Old Sometime Blues); J.P. Williams Blues Band (Mean Old Used Car Blues); Alabama Slim and Little Freddie King (The Mighty Flood); Danny Lynn Wilson (High Water); Blind Boy Fuller (Ain't No Gettin' Along); Glen Clark (Walk On).