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May 11, 2019

Griff Hamlin and The Single Barrel Blues Band (Almost Level With The Ground); Frim-Fram Quartet (I'd Rather Be A Drunk); The Cash Box Kings (The Wine Talkin'); R.K. Turner (I Ain't Blind (But I Can't See)); Ruth Wyand and The Tribe Of One (Blind Willie McTell); Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (Believe These Blues); Mary Alice and Alan McGowan (My Mother's On That Train); Blind Joe and Emma Taggart (I Wish My Mother Was On That Train); Richard Ray Farrell (Jinx Blues); Benny Turner and Cash McCall (Money); Kansas City Blues Band (Going To Chicago); Jack Owens (Devil Blues); Kerrie Lepai (Whiskey Drinking Blues); Slideboy Roy (I've Got Nothing But The Blues); Jonas Scott Cowan (Gasoline).