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Jun 22, 2019

Rory Gallagher (Don't Start Me Talkin'); Magic Slim and The Teardrops (Ain't Doing Too Bad); Shawn Holt and The Teardrops (Little By Little); Lauren Ellis (Dry As A Bone); Zora Young (Be Careful How You Vote); Bonnie Lee (Let It Roll); Ramblin' Thomas (Ramblin' Man); "Little Hat" Jones (Two String Blues); Chris Wragg and Greg Copeland (If You Ever Leave Me); Johnnie Johnson (Baby What's Wrong); Luca Kiella (Unnecessary Mercenary); Bill Daison Band (Ashes In My Ashtray); Dan Pickett (Ride To The Funeral In A V8); Peppermint Harris (Cadillac Funeral); Dave Gross (Don't Take Too Long); Tom Euler (Bridge You Ain't Burned).