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Jul 20, 2019

Lena & The Slide Brothers (Right Train, Wrong Track); Teresa James and The Rhythm Tramps (Find Me A Bar); Vanessa Collier (Two Parts Sugar, One Part Lime); Mark Cameron (Next Stop Is The Blues); Papa Harvey Hull and 'Long Cleve' Reed (Don't You Leave Me Here); Big Boy Cleveland (Mama You Don't Know How); Mr. Blue and The Tight Groove (I Ain't Superstitious); Chuck Jackson's Big Bad Blues Band (The Chill Is On); Big Joe Turner (Back Breaking Blues); Peter Frampton Band (Going Down Slow); Zac Harmon (Make A Dollar Out Of Fifteen Cents); Peter Wood (Change (Ain't Never For The Good)); James Cotton (Mississippi Mud); Catherine Russell (Early In The Morning); Donna Hourigan and The Lucky Lips Band (Talk The Talk).