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Aug 3, 2019

Magic Sam (You Don't Love Me Baby); Texas Slim (Cool With The Flow); Blas Picon and The Junk Express (Driftin' With The Flow); Moonshine Society (Deal The Devil Made); Larkin Poe (Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues); Eddie Boyd (Hard Headed Woman); Lazy Lester (Five Long Years); Koko Taylor (Save Your Breath); Frank Stokes (Nehi Mamma Blues); The Beale Street Sheiks (Sweet To Mama); Jeff Dale and The South Woodlawners (One Step From A Broken Man); Frankie Lee Sims (I Done Talked And I Done Talked); Blind Willie McTell (Talkin' To Myself); Nat Bolden (Good Morning Mr. Blues); Laurie Morvan (Money Talks); The Cash Box Kings (Blues For Chi-Rag).