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Oct 17, 2009

Bernie Marsden (Steppin' In); Koko Taylor (Come To Mama); Donna Greene and The Roadhouse Daddies (Baby Get Lost); Eddie Shaw and The Wolf Gang (Sitting On Top Of The World); Mississippi Sheiks (West Jackson Blues); Corey Harris and Henry Butler (If You Let A Man Kick You Once); Big Boy Cleveland (Goin' To Leave You Blues); Lottie Kimbrough (Goin' Away Blues); Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes (Done Got Tired Of Tryin'); Skip James (Yola My Blues Away); Tinsley Ellis (A Quitter Never Wins); Bo Weavil Jackson (Some Scream High Yellow); Bessie Smith (The Yellow Dog Blues); Samuel James (Joe Fletcher's Blues); Michael Hill's Blues Mob (This Is My Job).