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Sep 21, 2019

Bull City Red (I Saw The Light); The McNaMarr Project (Keep It Rollin'); Martin Harley (Roll With The Punches); Toronzo Cannon (The Preacher, The Politician Or The Pimp); Cedar Creek Sheik (Don't Use That Stuff); Big Joe Williams (Somebody's Been Borrowing That Stuff); Little Milton (Things I Used To Do); Guitar Slim (Sum'thin' To Remember You By); Rick Estrin and The Nightcats (Contemporary); Sleepy John Estes (Poor Man's Friend); Rory Gallagher (Drop Down Baby); Janiva Magness (A Hundred And Ten In The Shade); Lady Valiant (Crossroads); Smokey Wilson (Standing At The Crossroads); Giles Robson (Don't Give Up On The Blues); Homesick James and Snooky Pryor (Some Day Baby Blues).