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Apr 18, 2020

Durham County Poets (Hand Me Down Blues); Eliza Neals (Never Stray); The Mighty Mojo Prophets (Jungle Hut); Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe (I'm Talking About You); Cary Morin (When The Levee Breaks); The James Cotton Band (Stormy Monday); Emery Glen (Back Door Blues); Johnny Shines (Look Behind The Door); Bruce Madden (Mellow Down Easy); Sonny Landreth and Christine Ohlman (Crazy For My Baby); Blues Queen Sylvia (Can't Get Along); Bessie Jones with The Georgia Sea Island Singers (Throw Me Overboard); Blind Gussie Nesbit (Pure Religion); Robert Belfour (Walkin' The Floor); Crystal Shawanda (New Orleans Is Sinking); Johnny Young's South Side Blues Band (One More Time).