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May 30, 2020

Eric Hughes Band (Waiting For That Day); Robert Cray (Nothin' But A Woman); Tony Holiday (She Knocks Me Out); Nuno Mindelis (Nine To Nine Blues); Jose Ramirez (Gasoline And Matches); Ruthie Foster (Death Came A Knockin' (Travelin' Shoes)); Houston Stackhouse (Mean Red Spider); James De Shay (Forty Four); Lindsey Alexander (Going Back To My Old Time Used To Be); Blind Richard Yates (I'm Gonna Moan My Blues Away); Reese Du Pree (Norfolk Blues); B.B. King (How Blue Can You Get?); Archie Edwards (Pittsburgh Blues); Dr. Ross (Got Something To Tell You); Debra Power (All Night Playing The Blues); Blues Business (Six Days On The Road).