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Oct 24, 2020

Peter Veteska and Blues Train (Grass Ain't Greener On The Other Side); Tampa Red (So Crazy About You Baby); Danielle Miraglia (It Hurts Me Too); Tim Woods (Ready); Robert Lee McCoy (Prowlin' Night Hawk); Joe Hill Louis (Western Union Man); Angela Strehli (What It Takes); Shaun Murphy (Man Sized Job); Jimmy Johnson (Rattlesnake); Willie B. Huff (Beggar Man Blues); Steve Washington (Blues Don't Cost A Thing); Paul Boddy and The Slidewinder Blues Band (Over The Hump); Cathy Grier and The Troublemakers (Easy Come Easy Go); Sunnysiders (Heaven Blues Band); Chuck Higgins (Betwixt And Between); Larkin Poe (She's A Self Made Man).