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Nov 14, 2020

Dustin Arbuckle and The Damnations (You Got To Go); Rachelle Coba (River Of Blood); Son Seals (Cold Blood); Miss Emily (Hold Back The River); The Ryk Mead Band (Can't Turn Back The River); Mad Dog Lester Davenport (I Smell A Rat); Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Talking Miner Blues); Herschel Brown (New Talking Blues); Ruth Brown (False Friend Blues); Bonnie Raitt (Never Make Your Move Too Soon); The Mannish Boys (Raunchy); Jimmy McCracklin (I'm To Blame); Smoki Whitfield (Take The Hint); Kid Ramos and Bob Corritore (Mother In Law Blues); Joe Bonamassa (Don't Hand Me Your Hangups).