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Nov 28, 2020

Big Papa and The TCB (The More Things Change); "Big" Al's Blues Howlers and Jim Liban (The Cadillac Kid); Roy Brown And His Orchestra (Cadillac Baby); Kai Strauss (Guest In The House Of The Blues); Johnny Nicholas (Tomorrow Night (Live)); Big Bill Broonzy And His Big Little Orchestra (Tomorrow); Baba Blues (Help Me Through The Day); Eddie C. Campbell (Rock Me); Mud Morganfield and Kim Wilson (Nineteen Years Old); Susan Tedeschi (Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean); Ruth Willis (Man Of My Own); Ma Rainey (Stack O'Lee Blues); Bobby BlackHat Walters (It's Not A Good Idea Til It's Her Idea); Andrew Riverstone (One Foot In The Bucket); Four Jacks (Thunder And Lightning).