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Feb 13, 2021

Joyann Parker (Hit Me Like A Train); Frank Bey (Gun Toting Preacher); K. Walters (The Preacher, The Pimp And The Bluesman); Lizzie Miles (Too Slow Blues); The Jake Leg Blues Band (I Hate A Man Like You); Gino Matteo (Hopeless Sinner); Johnny Otis (Don't Deceive Me); Mose Allison (I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues); Reverend Raven (Once The Women Start Talkin); Johnny B. Moore and Willie Kent (Fast Life); Casey Bill Weldon (W.P.A. Blues); David Alexander (Working For The P.W.A.); Bonny B. (Full Moon); The Blues Side (I Just Play The Blues); Harvey Brindell (Mississippi Medicaid).