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Feb 3, 2024

Brad "Guitar" Wilson (Cast Your Shade); Altered Five Blues Band (Holding On With One Hand); Robin Trower (Losing You); Maria Muldaur and Tuba Skinny (Some Sweet Day); Jennifer Porter (Good Ol' Wagon); Ivory Joe Hunter (I Almost Lost My Mind); The Continentals (No Money No Luck Blues); Cris Jacobs Band (Mama Was A Redbone); Johnny Wheels and The Swamp Donkeys (Mizz Karman); Ndidi Onukwulu (Things About Comin' My Way); Del Rey (We Both Are Feeling Good Right Now); Deb Ryder (Might Just Get Lucky); Lurrie Bell (One Day You're Gonna Get Lucky); J.D. Short (You Been Cheating Me); Big Joe Williams (So Much Wine); Cirkus Prütz (All For The Boogie And The Blues).