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Oct 5, 2013

Otis Rush (Jump Sister Bessie); Joanne Shaw Taylor (Soul Station); Bare Bones Boogie Band (Seven Miles To The Station); Louis Washington (Run Sinner Run); The Swan Silvertones (Sinner Man); The Moore Brothers (Rambler's Predicament); Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings (When They Played The Real Blues); BabaJack (Everyday The Same); Lead Belly (Pick A Bale Of Cotton); Lisa Biales (Write Me In Care Of The Blues); Cathy Ponton King (That's When A Woman Calls The Blues By Name); Groove-A-Matics (Working Class Man); Popa Chubby (Working Class Blues); Billie Holiday (St. Louis Blues); Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion (Billie's Blues); Charlie C. (Fingers Crossed).