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Oct 3, 2015

The Mercy Brothers (Down That Road); Neil Warden (Bad Dog); David Owen (Ain't Gonna Take It); Chris O'Leary (Gonna Die Trying); Wily Bo Walker (Walking With The Devil (Voodoo Mix)); The Delta Flyers (Dancin' With The Devil); Robert Hill (You Gonna Look Like A Monkey When You Get Old); Eli Framer (God Didn't Make Me No Monkey Man); Otis Spann (The Hard Way); The Blueflies (Natural Born Sinner Man); Dez. Murphy Blues Trio (Same Old Time); Reverend Freakchild (Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down); R.L. Burnside (Just Like A Bird Without A Feather); Blind Mississippi Morris (Lover's Moon); Sonny Boy Nelson (Pony Blues); Kris Barras Band (I Don't Want The Blues).