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Mar 12, 2016

George Stephen Kelly (Too Much Month At The End Of The Money); John Pippus (One Shot); Sena Ehrhardt (Live My Life); Steve Hill (Going Down The Road Feeling Bad); Irene Scruggs (Married Man Blues (Test, Take 2)); Leola Wilson (Wilson Dam); Mississippi Fred McDowell (Letter From Hot Springs); Gooch And The Motion (Shake Em On Down); Mumbo-Jumbo (No Devil At The Crossroads); The Groundhogs (Mannish Boy); Mat Walklate and Paolo Fuschi (Trouble No More); Val Starr and The Blues Rocket (My Baby); Frankie Lee Sims (Lucy Mae Blues (Part 2)); Joe Rusi (Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)); Doug MacLeod (Long Time Road).