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Oct 6, 2018

Chris Bevington Organisation (Coming Down With The Blues); Big Joe Turner (I'm Still In The Dark); Nappy Brown (Sitting In The Dark); Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne (I Knew I'd Be Playing The Blues); Benny Turner (Breakin' News); Blue Lu Barker (Don't You Feel My Leg); Maria Muldaur (Trombone Man Blues); Sister Mercy (Travelin' Shoes); Mary Dixon (Old Forsaken Blues); Irene Sanders (Troublesome Mind); Otis Rush (Crosscut Saw); Ritchie Dave Porter (End Of The Line); Chris O (Dirty Boots); Tommy Lee Cook (Devil On My Shoulder); Peetie Wheatstraw (Truckin' Thru Traffic); Kat Danser (Goin' Gone).