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Nov 21, 2009

B.B. King (Better Not Look Down); Paul deLay Band (Who Will Be Next?); Sugar Blue (Shed No Tears); Willie Reed (Dreaming Blues); Oscar Woods (Lone Wolf Blues); Chris Smither (Don't Call Me Stranger); Tom Doughty (Hound Dog Blues); Bukka White (Bukka's Jitterbug Swing); Samuel James (Miss Noreen); Otis Taylor (Little Liza Jane); Blind Blake and Leola B. Wilson (Black Biting Bee Blues); Big Mama Thornton (Bumble Bee); Harmonica Red (A Room With A View); Tommy Johnson (Cool Drink Of Water Blues); Peetie Wheatstraw (Drinking Man Blues); Cry Baby and The Hoochie Coochie Boys (Gimme One More Shot).