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May 29, 2021

Long John Hunter (Nasty Ways); Kyle Culkin (Burn It All Down); Kat Riggins (Burn It All Down); Evelyn Preer (The Birth Of The Blues); James "Jack Of All Trades" McCain (Good Mr. Roosevelt); Buster Benton (Money's The Name Of The Game); Eddie 9V (Travelin' Man); Deborah Coleman (Travelin' South); Rita Engedalen (Ball And Chain); James Harman (In With The Grief…In With The Gravy); Blues Syndicate (Same Old Blues); The Buddy Whittington Band (Awestruck And Spellbound); Big Boy Henry (Mr. Ball, Your Warehouse Is Burning Down); Wynonie Harris (Git With The Grits); Patti Parks (I'm Trouble).