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Sep 17, 2011

Jay Gordon's Blues Venom (Whiskey, Women And Fast Cars); Phillip Walker (I'm Tough (As I Want To Be)); Lonnie Brooks (I Want All My Money Back); Papa Lightfoot (Wine, Women, Whiskey); Earl Hooker (Ride Hooker Ride); Janiva Magness (Blues Ain't Pretty); Tracy Nelson (Howlin' For My Baby); Otis Taylor (Your Children Sleep Good Tonight); John Lee Hooker (as Texas Slim) (Wandering Blues); Big Joe Williams and J.D. Short (Rambled And Wandered); Andres Roots Roundabout with L.R. Phoenix (Mean Old Town No. 2); Latvian Blues Band (Ain't Gonna Get Drunk No More); Albert Ammons (Untitled Ammons Original); Meade Lux Lewis (Untitled Original); Buddy Whittington (Back When The Beano Was Boss).