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Nov 30, 2013

Jim Gustin and Truth Jones (Life Is Hard, Live With It); Rick Randlett (Heart Made Of Stone); Dan Sowerby (Good Feelings); Kokomo Arnold (Shake That Thing); Josie Lloyd (Shake That Thing); Willie Williams (Wine Headed Woman); Billy Bizor (Whiskey Head Woman (She Stays Drunk All The Time)); Larry Garner (Go To Baton Rouge); J.J. Cale (Call Me The Breeze); Thorbjorn Risager (In The Back Of My Mind); Charles Brown (Give Me A Woman); Red Nelson and Cripple Clarence Lofton (Sweetest Thing Born); John Lyons (The Blues Moved In); BluesCorp (Tears Of Pain); No Sinner (If Anything); Trevor Sewell (Talked To The Devil).